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Let’s say you’ve got some work experience under your belt and you just aren’t satisfied with your career or your profession.

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This post names 30 firms which employ thousands combined and there are many more firms out there which pay just as well.

The great thing is that if you stick it out at any of these firms for 10 years, there’s a great chance you will be a millionaire in your 30s and a multi-millionaire in your 40s.

Finally, to help you visualize your path to $100,000 or more a year, simply break down the annual income by month and then by day. Just remember that your happiness, as measured by income will continue to grow until about $250,000 and then stop because of government persecution and the bitter populace who want to keep you down.

Doesn’t $8,333 a month sound a little less daunting? And if you’re really smart, you’ll learn how to negotiate a severance from a job you hate before moving onto your next great opportunity.

Add on their well deserved lifelong pensions and you’ve got a recipe for financial success!