Google spreadsheet formula not updating

(The data I'm pulling for the presentation is in another sheet in the spreadsheet.) I use a time-driven trigger to execute the script at whatever interval I set.Every time the script is run it refreshes all the formulas in the sheets in the spreadsheet and saves the results.It apparently doesn't matter that I'm not actually changing the value in the cell, the spreadsheet sees it as an update and does the refresh/save.

You can use 30 updates for free per month or obtain a paid subscription for more updates.

Is there a way to have a Google Spreadsheet recalculate when it's not open?

My very hacky workaround is to delete the cell and then hit ctrl z. It's trivial to script this onopen, or at specific time intervals to keep the data fresh.

You can use the Google Sheets add-on Sheetgo to automatically update your reference from another sheet.

Is there anything that I can do to the referencing workbook to trigger Google Sheets to re-import the data?