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He says it was not me, he was turned on, but nervous, and the reason I ask is because I really have little experience as I had only been with one man in my life. Sounds like a great guy.....wouldn't u give him a 2nd chance?

And don't let the poster who commented about it being your fault, because it sounds like you are really into this guy and it sounds like it may be a personal problem of HIS. Put yourself in his know yourself (likes/dislikes) this man up and get to know him more in a non-sexual way.

Well, we know each other very well in other aspects.

I suggest some of your disappointment may be that you feel inadequate because of his issues. Take what you got: A terrific guy with a tongue to match. It's a shared concern, certainly, but it's not your responsibility, per se, to give this guy an erection. I'd be interested in knowing why after one failed attempt, she is even considering NOT giving the guy another chance...

Given a few norms, which is to say the proximity of a female, it's really his domain, not yours, to provide the properly inflated organ. It sounds either that she is self-centered or unfamiliar with the workings of the opposite sex....

The fact that he cares enough that he would be that nervous is a good thing. As time goes on and the comfort zone increases the sex becomes better and better. I think it would be stupid and insensitive to dismiss this person. The man pleased you and for what ever reason he could not get over the finish line. Many factors are involved..maybe he was nervous, maybe he was not feeling well at the time.