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I felt it was time for a new kind of connection app for friends and dates that is a fun experience with more of a sense of community. In the summer of 2016 I rented out my flat and raised enough money to pay for the app.I launched 2007 which was the first UK dating site for women and younger men. I am also an artist – see – and have been a fashion designer, film costume designer in Rome, and food entrepreneur. Like other dating apps i2i will be a freemium model. Once we’ve got traction we’ll create premium features such as advanced search, access privileges etc.Follow your instinct, hone your vision, don’t rush, network as much as possible and be original. In five years’ time I want i2i to be a global brand with people round the world looking into each other’s’ eyes for 30 seconds, laughing and connecting from the heart.

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I2i dating

The i2i Standards Infobase is a powerful resource giving you detailed information from over 330 national and international organisations.

This Infobase allows users to manage and control their own library of Standards and Technical Specifications and monitor any changes to the information you need.

The annual subscription service that includes detailed information on over 115,000 different materials.

Materials Infobase covers polymers, rubbers, resins, adhesives, fibres, ceramics, additives, pre-pregs, semi-finished products and more.

The Hazardous Substances module of SAI Globals HSE Knowledge Base helps organisations to understand and meet their legal obligations, avoiding damage to their reputation that non-compliance can cause keeping people safe.