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The difficult context for the Church, which is marked by the Dreyfus affair (1895) and the law of separation of Church and State (1905), pushes her to seek to regain influence by diffusing moral values in the business world and by training a new generation of business leaders.

In this context of struggle of religious congregations, especially Jesuits against the secular and republican ideology of the state, ESSEC is a late Catholic response to the creation of HEC.

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The school hardly survives the mobilizations of the war: in 1914, it counts only four pupils in first year and two in second. The third optional year is closed and the school only regains financial stability from 1920 where it welcomes more than 50 students in first year and 150 in 1930.

In 1923, alumni association is created: a solidarity fund for widows and orphans of war is being set up.

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With over 30 student organizations, a dozen men's and women's intercollegiate athletic teams, and a thriving campus community, NHTI offers a broad spectrum of opportunities and resources to enhance the college experience.

It is located at the École Sainte Geneviève (created by Jesuits in 1854) in the Latin Quarter.