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The Main Stand itself looks smart with single rows of executive boxes located between the tiers and having the players tunnel and team dugouts located out front. Mostly made up of transparent panels to allow more light to the pitch, it protrudes out over the stand, by quite some distance and is curved to each side of the stand.The famous Kop Terrace at one end of the ground was replaced in 1994 by a huge stand, designed to emulate the shape of the old Kop, hence its kind of semi-circular look and large single tier. Take this — my love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!

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Away fans are located in the Anfield Road Stand at one end of the ground, where just under 3,000 seats are available, although this can be increased for cup games.

This stand is also shared with home supporters, some of whom will be sitting in the small seated tier above the away fans.

Although the pub was mostly full of Liverpool fans, the bars were mixed and all were very friendly.

To find this pub, turn left at the junction where Arkles is (opposite direction to where Anfield is over to your right) onto Anfield Road.

The Wolves fans insisted on standing so it was like trying to watch the game through a letterbox! There is a betting outlet and the refreshment kiosks sell a wide variety of Pies including a ' Scouse Pie' (£3.50), Potato and Meat, Potato and Butter, Cheese Slices and Sausage Rolls (all £3.40).