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The minute they saw anyone, even passers-by with a camera, they’d hold hands again.’If this weren’t complicated enough, minutes later Brianne joined them.

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Coronation Street’s much loved Ashley and Claire Peacock have been axed from the show and will be written out of the soap by the end of the year.

After talks with Corrie’s new producer Phil Collinson, actors Steven Arnold, 35, and Julia Howarth, 30, were told their characters would be cut.

It certainly was an odd way for an infatuated lover to behave – but then this was no ordinary courtship.

Instead, it would appear to be another example of the celebrity ‘faux-mance’; a romance between stars which conveniently lasts for the duration of any given project.

But their love wasn't destined to last as Matt suffered a messy break-up from Brianne after their Dancing on Ice journey ended.