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25 The town is becoming a popular destination for day trippers and conference guests.Figures put the annual tourist figure at 7.5 million.

10 Little known fact: The ice cream wafer sandwich was invented in Bolton.

11 Ye Olde Pastie Shoppe is a veritable Bolton institution which started life as a butcher's shop in 1667. 12 The town has also been a hotbed for acting talent.

17 Down-to-earth Fred Dibnah helped put Bolton on the map with his infectious television musings on all things industrial.

And his memory lives on with the ace statue in Newport Street. 19 Bolton is one of a handful of towns whose roundabouts were featured on a cult calendar which sold thousands.

24 The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association training centre in Heaton, has helped hundreds of visually impaired people including Home Secretary David Blunkett.