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Thousands of Australians have been asking global parenting expert, Jo Frost, for help and she’s almost here. We've suddenly been sidetracked into a personal consultation about my two-year-old who's just had a few bad sleep weeks. The famous nanny has a go at solving my sleep deprivation problems in the short amount of time we have to talk.

Do you find people you meet are all asking you the same questions? There are specific areas where they find it challenging with respect to knowing what their children need from them. I kept having families ask me how to control and manage temper tantrums without understanding what they really were. ” So I looked over at the mother and smiled and the child was still crying.

Or just feeling like the child was having a meltdown and not knowing how to control it. She just gave me this look that said “Have you got something for me? His work has appeared in People, Us Weekly, The Toronto Star and other top publications.

to feel safe before they go off to bed and to recognise that, what we do and how we behave in this special period of time, that we commit being present with our children before they go off to bed, is what gives us ultimately the result and success in allowing our child to get to that place of feeling confident and going off to sleep - without needing to come into our bedroom 1,000 times," she added.

"It’s probably only 10 times, but at two o’clock in the morning it feels like 1,000 times," she added.

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