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His biological father then transferred power to him.

Chase wants to force other "ascended" witches to transfer power to him as well, starting with Caleb.

The film, despite receiving very negative reviews, was a moderate box office success.

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There is a certain tragedy known as the One-Book Author, when a person produces one work in a specific field that becomes extremely popular but never forays into that field again.

In the world of literature, the author might have a couple additional short stories or poems that were published, but no other novels.

Compare One-Hit Wonder, where someone has produced several works but only one had managed to become popular.

May overlap with Author Existence Failure, where the author doesn't live long enough to compose another work (i.e.: works published posthumously), or Tough Act to Follow, where they're afraid they've peaked on their first attempt.

Neither the authors of the comic-book miniseries nor Top Cow Comics are mentioned in the films’ credit sequences, so the comic-book miniseries is not regarded as source material by The Covenants producers. The Covenant was released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 2, 2007.