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NOTE (25 July 2009): has dropped the American Heritage Dictionary reference work that had the audio pronunciations to which many links on this page pointed.

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The accent marks follow the syllables on which major emphasis should be put when pronouncing the words.

Aaron [Aar'on], Caesar [Cae'sar], Joshua [Josh'u·a], onycha [on'y·cha], papyrus [pa·py'rus], Sadducees [Sad'du·cees], shekel [shek'el], Zion [Zi'on].

Thus not all variations in vowel pronunciations are actual mispronunciations.

Consonants are a little easier, but some consonants and consonant combinations (such as C, G, CH, and TH) have more than one sound in English, and the differences can lead to mispronouncing a word.

The resulting pronunciation is often the same or nearly the same.