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Wilson felt some guilt over the event, but "it lit a bonfire under us because we saw for the first time that what we did on stage could have an impact on an audience." While still a senior in high school, Ann joined a band whose drummer knew a country songwriter who needed a backing band to play on his songwriting demos; Wilson and sister Ann entered a recording studio in Seattle to record the demos.

During the session, the engineer allowed them to record the song "Through Eyes and Glass", which Nancy and Ann had written.

She learned it, and the next night after playing it with the band at a tavern, was officially made a member of the band.

The band also needed more material for an album, so Nancy and Ann set about doing both.

The band had recorded a demo with Mushroom Records some time before, and producer Mike Flicker remembered them.

It was credited to "Ann Wilson and the Daybreaks," which was not the name of the band, and it omitted Nancy as co-songwriter.

Later, the sisters were returned 250 unsold copies of the record.

Later that year, Ann purchased her first guitar, a Kent acoustic, with money given to her by her grandmother.