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"Since she was all over the papers in January 2007 with her boyfriend Todd Thomson..... Your gawker stalker would be doing me a favor if he sees Maria with anyone other than Jonathan......would be news. Weekend Edition, Karen Richardson has a wonderful story about World's Second Richest Person Warren Buffet — he's a bit like John the Baptist to Bill Gate's Jesus — and how he's cutely put out an A.

Remember CNBC SAYS MARIA HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG." Okay, a little incoherent, but not glaringly!

Fox News' Maria Bartiromo has said she was taken “wildly out of context” with her on-air claim that there had been no sexual misconduct allegations against President Donald Trump.

Bartiromo said Monday that she was aware of women — more than a dozen — who had made accusations against Trump during last year's presidential campaign.

“We're talking about a situation where we have a photo with a guy's hands on her breasts,” she said.