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Not only because they see what I go through, but also because they see how society and how people have changed and we are now living in the "me" world.

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We all need somebody to talk to despite being married.

And married chat rooms online can introduce you to a whole new world of single women who you can befriend and discuss your complications with.

They remember going to the sock-hop (or the grateful dead concert, whatever) and it was a room of available, kidless, single prospects, all looking. : )I have two very close friends that have been with their husbands for over 30 years.

But when you aren't 21 anymore, the WHOLE WORLD of dating changes immensely. One of the couples I am also good friends with the husband and anytime we talk about dating they all say the same thing - I'm glad I am not out there.

I know they all mean well but ever notice that the married friends who try to give you advice on dating do not have a clue what they are talking about?