Michael jordan dating

However, the few women he’s been pictured with come nowhere close to being the only relationships he’s had and the only type of women he’s been with.

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“That’s another thing I had to wrap my brain around in becoming more successful. And just because I’m not in the media 24/7 with different women every single day it’s like, ‘Oh no, he’s mine.’ You think I’ve only dated two women in my entire life?

So the ones you saw are the only ones I’ve ever talked to in my entire life?

Most press accounts call her a model, but it's hard to find pictures of her modeling anywhere else than on MJ's arm. She and Jordan met in 2008, moved in together in 2009, got engaged in 2011 and are scheduled to be married April 27.

She's done it for some designers, but I get the sense she's a model like your favorite Starbucks barista is a singer.2.

“That’s just another level of ignorance I try not to even engage in,” he said.