Need a break from dating Kontaktchat

"Capricorns should break the habit of treating their date or partner like a business client when it comes to fitting them into their hectic schedules," says Furiate. We're introverts by nature, and need a lot of personal space to recharge.

And beyond that, your close attachment to your family might come off as nervousness to pursue a real relationship down the line.

"Cancers tend to still be attached to the apron strings, but are fearful of creating their own family," says Furiate.

But your passion combined with your, um, flair for the dramatic might come off as a little needy and self-involved at times, so be careful not to go overboard (or flip every romantic gesture into an opportunity for praise).

"Dates may love the warmth of Leos, yet feel burned by their need to absorb the spotlight," Furiate says.

"Pisces may take weeks or months to call you back," says Furiate.