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Next up, some talk about how Metallica is an “exclusive club.” The total membership, to date, numbers “less than ten persons” and Jason notes the heaviness and sorrow surrounding how he came to join: “My hero had to die in order for me to become a hero.” Much has been made about the hazing Jason endured upon entering the Metallica arena, as well as how his bass sound is so muted onclassics with a rip-roaring moment from one of the most over-the-top, outrageous, and outspoken shredders in all of hard rock.Come on back to find out who it is—and to bang your head clean off your shoulders (and possibly onto a mounted frame in his trophy room).

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Jason proved that not only was he a master of four-string mayhem, of course, but that he had long been a devoted student of Metallicology.

He also talks about the 11 day whirlwind that took him from his original band of kickass scrappers, Flotsam and Jetsam, to the very forefront of the thrash universe.

It is not yet clear where the remaining three tracks will end up.

Currently, Newsted’s at work in his own Northern California recording bungalow, Chophouse Studios, where he’s adding the final touches on a full-length album set to surface early this summer.

No one could be Cliff Burton; Cliff Burton was the Jimi Hendrix of bass.