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The photos were published in a now-defunct French magazine in the 1990s.

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Sexual nudity and violence are two different issues yet when combined it could make this site a bigger target for both Democratic and Republican politicians.

A continuation of my last post which I said was my last.

Patricia Adriani is tied spread-eagled against a wall and is tormented by having knives thrown at her.

But her captor, realizing how hot she looks tied up like that, doesn't stop there and precedes to rape her afterward. Listened to NPR on the radio this morning, a choice I increasingly suspect might be a mistake.

He seldom dates because it seems that he’s married to his job. “I’m not that picky.” “How about pizza, wings and beer? I figured he’d order beer to loosen us up because we were working on a bid with a large hospital that could make the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. I went from felling tense and nervous to getting a nice beer buzz.