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These are combined in a weighted scheme to come up with a single time that's used for synchronizing all members that share this same group of sources (be they real NTP server or just peers).When the NTP server once again become available, ntpd will automatically switch back and recalibrate the polling times (which initially drop to much shorter time intervals) and reset the server clocks.

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With the ability to storage Xenmotion running VMs even to different pools, keeping all Xen Servers (as well as other servers that support Citrix and other products and services) all in proper time sync is as important as ever.

To check how far a host is off from the local NTP standard setting, run "ntpstat -s" from the CLI.

Y.0.0 mask nomodify notraprestrict mask nomodify notrap#===# A list of your local (organizational) NTP serversserver ntp1.mydomain.orgserver ntp2.mydomain.orgserver ntp3.mydomain.org#===# Here is the option to add local peers (within a subnet, server pool, etc.)# peers in case the standard NTP servers cannot be reached.

These are the three Xen Servers in the That's basically it.

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