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Al-Anon for Siblings: Al-Anon understands that it can be painful and traumatic to watch a brother or sister suffer from alcoholism.

They provide siblings access to stories written by other siblings of addicted loved ones as a means of peer support and insight.

For some, it may put a strain on the relationship and lead to complete separation, in some cases.

Loving someone struggling with addiction can be incredibly difficult, painful, and chaotic.

Because drug addiction impacts the whole family, treating the addicted person alone is usually not enough to create lasting change in a family unit.

All of the support groups listed above provide supportive services to spouses and other family members of addicted people.

There are also supportive programs available exclusively for spouses, including: While it is common knowledge that addiction takes a toll on all members of a family, siblings are rarely spoken of when it comes to drug addiction.

Depending on your location, they may have face-to-face support programs available in your area as well.