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) and you can awaken yourself to; as it is said, thy will be done, JUST BE SURE, to add with love, absence of which it simply evil, i.e.

the Ego manifesting its predation and thus control the personality to do this or that.

The way to rid yourself of them is to allow them to be there, not to try to forcibly rid yourself of them through force or by trying to ignore them, that just has the opposite effect.

Now this anxious energy needs a release, do you ever feel fidgety, like you cannot stand still?

This is just this excess anxious energy coursing through you and makes you fidget, makes you restless.

It was the first time I had ever expressed the thought openly.

And as soon I had, it kind of lost some of its power, its hold over me.

I came back and all the exercise had burnt off all the excess energy and because of this, I had no odd, racing thoughts for a few hours after.