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Everyday lalo akong gumaganda at wala raw gamot dito.

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This is wrong but you're the only one I could think of. The smell of a man should come to you as you go to him and leave you with only a memory, not a headache.

Afterwards, you will suddenly smile and say, text ko nga ang cute na yon!

But if I could not recharge my cell phone so I could keep texting, that's another point. Every time I hold her hand, I feel like holding my cheek. The only people whom I greet "Good morning" are those who are smart, cute and malakas ang sex appeal.

And most of all, because you are not texting me any more. Whenever I hear people say something bad about you, like when they say that you are not cute enough, I would always come to your defense and say "She's trying to be one naman a! Never mind the aircon, never mind TV and stereo, never mind the internet. But one thing you will never lose - your good looks, coz you can never lose what you don't have!

Newsflash: Policemen saving a woman who appears to be jumping off a building.