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It serves more than 2 million downloads a day and includes apps and tools in a wide variety of categories. Git Hub Git Hub hosts both public and private projects that use the open source Git version control system.This "social coding" site currently hosts more than 1.7 million repositories, including many open source projects. Google Code Google offers free hosting for open source projects using the Subversion or Mercurial version control systems.

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Frequently, Datamation puts together lists of top open source software.

This time we've done something a little different and made a list of top open source Web sites.

Note that these are not official Eclipse Foundation projects. Bit Bucket Like Git Hub, Bit Bucket hosts both public and private projects.

On this site, open source projects and private projects with fewer than five users are free.

It currently serves as a home to more than 9,000 projects. Tigris Unlike many of the more general project hosting sites, Tigris has a very narrow focus: "building better tools for collaborative software development." It includes nearly 700 projects of particular interest to developers. Berli OS Developer Home to more than 4,600 projects, Berli OS offers free hosting for open source projects of all types. Originally founded by Sun Microsystems, hosts or links to a large number of Java-related projects.