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They entered Stanley Plaza parking lot, deliberately parking the car at the level with the least cars, thinking that everything was planned and would be carried out without a hitch, then got off together.

However, when they were preparing to walk to the restaurant together, the sharp-eyed Linda suddenly realized that reporters were around taking pictures.

In early May this year, before Yue Fu’s Hidden Dragon filming began, she took the opportunity to meet her secret "new boyfriend".

On the 10th of May extended holiday, about 6.30pm, she purposely wore low-key looking attire, and wore little makeup, a black cap,black thick-rimmed glasses, a T-shirt and a black backpack like a common civilian, having 0 celebrity style, and would be difficult to point her out as the TV Queen.

Boyfriend has a good family background After understanding more about him, it is found that Linda’s boyfriend that looks like a more upmarket version of Mark Lui comes from a well-to-do family, and his parents enjoy buying and selling property in Shatin area.

Their investments mostly earn money, and he drives an Audi TT.

At the time, Carina sat confidently on a toilet along with another contestant to show off her fashionable style, and eventually became the laughing stock of the pageant when she was defeated.