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On i OS, the apps that crashed included Messages, Safari, Facebook Messenger and Whats App, while other software including Telegram and Skype wasn’t affected.

Users reported that the only way to regain full use of their device was to delete the conversation that contained the Telugu character.

Additionally, you have the option of changing your Phone Banking PIN directly, at your convenience, by dialing "6" on our Main Menu when you call us.

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In 2015 the ‘effective power’ i Message flaw caused i OS devices to crash when a user received certain text, and earlier that year Macs and i Phones were found to crash when they viewed a string of Arabic characters.

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Last month a string of code posted on Git Hub was found to cause i Phones or Macs to crash.

Another bug uncovered in January of last year meant a text message containing a white flag emoji, a zero, a rainbow emoji and a hidden character called a ‘variation selector’ would cause i Phones to freeze, necessitating a reboot.

You can generate Phone Banking PIN yourself on the IVR.