Reviews on anastasia dating

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WHEN they actually date you, the man pays double the fair rate for a translator because the translator gives the date half.

Note: weather you need a translator or not, they come along After several dates it is possible to lose the translator.

Website says they have scam department Note, they do a very poor job..

This is a way for these females to make a living, chatting and receiving gifts are their line of work AND COMMUNICATING THROUGH THE CLOSED PRIVATE EMAIL SYSTEM.. DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT PLACES WEBSITE IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW All females have managers who advise them and pay for their photos and video s and provide the clothes As a result these managers have a money interest in these females being successful in their scams.

Quite a few men have been duked out of tens of thousands of dollars talking to these SCAM ARTISTS, then they actually go abroad to visit these SCAM ARTISTS and these SCAM ARTISTS are rude, have very little interest in their VICTIMS and can't wait to leave.