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In and around New York, haven of diversity though we are, it's way less common for the Black partner to be female. Not sure what her relationship status is at the moment.

Slight hijack: I once dated a guy (very, verrrrry white) whose four sisters were all either married to ,or had children by, black men. The twins have each been married once (and are still married to their first spouses).

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Not to take this discussion off course, but why, in your opinion, is that unfortunate?

Please don't read anything into that question; I simply don't understand. I just think women are women and men are men, no matter their color. I just think women are women and men are men, no matter their color. Speaking for myself, I happen to be most physically attracted to "my own kind". Not to say that I would never date someone of another race if I was attracted to them, but I also wouldn't do it just to prove something.

Up through my generation, the migrant Hispanic workers didn't send their kids to school and so we didn't have much opporunity to socialize with them. Count me in as a guy whose okay with the darker members of the fairer sex.

How about if a guy marries women of different colors with huge boobies? I tend to like women of all colors and most shapes, although I've never been terribly thrilled with Asian women. If someone held a gun to my head and forced me to pick just ONE type (and that would be a horrible day! Ironically, this remains the one major ethnic category I have never gone on a single date with. I figured "women of different colors with huge boobies" referred to someone like Element Girl ( Girl-metamorpho_10_04.jpg).

Interracial dating and marriage is no big whoop these days, but it wasn't that long ago that this wasn't the case. I'm a white man who's dated black women and Asian women.