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One way they raise money is by auctions for lots of things throug the ebay site Tradera.

Among the objects is a 4x3 meter promotional Vapen & Ammunition back drop.

Vega is followed by Rockerfeller in Oslo, Norway on friday and Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday.

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It's called Lightning and is the first single from the album.

The single will be released March 9 and the album April 13 in Norway.

Originally a lighter strip based on puns and wordplay, Cerebus Syndrome ensued, arguably starting with the "Visions of Doom" arc, but certainly by "Storm of Souls". A set of colored epilogue prints, some with art by Garth Graham (Mookie's partner on his following webcomic Dominic: When we first encountered the Beast..were all so scared of it..the more we learned..more we discovered..less frightening it became...until... Mookie: Dominic's reflection on The Beast in the second half of today's comic is true about most things we're frightened of. Knowledge dispels fear as it creates understanding, and even the mightiest of monsters can be reduced to a stain on the ground.

Over time, knowledge of The Beast has diminished it.

One of the song is a cover of kent's "Krleken Vntar" sung in english by Morten. Joakim has also written about this in the forum at "It was Mortens own idea.