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A few years later, the idea of increasing the industrial capabilities of the Rockford were presented to the town and 400 of its citizens got 0,000 together to fund what became Rockford Watch Company.

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The first solution to uneven unwinding came when watchmakers realized the spring uncoiled at a more constant pace when it was not wound tightly.

Various means of preventing this were invented: the stackfreed was a cam with an additional spring that compensated for the main spring's changes in speed, and the fusee was a stop that prevented the spring from being wound too tightly. In 1675 several watchmakers discovered that a spiral spring attached to the balance greatly increased accuracy.

Although the technology was a great leap forward from hanging weights, it was still highly inaccurate because coiled springs don't unwind at a constant speed.

But in comparison to judging the hour by the sun, having a timepiece you can carry or wear on a necklace - even though it was off by an hour or so - was close to a miracle.

Most clocks were huge and resided in churches or cathedrals.