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He started his career in 1991 as one of the first members of the hip hop group The Roots, serving as their keyboard player until 1995.

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And Scott Storch has channelled his ex by filing to have his marriage annulled due to 'extreme intoxication' it emerged on Monday.

However one key difference between their relative unions is he has waited six years after his wedding to have his dissolved.

Speaking in the Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian teaser clip, she revealed the secret delight she had to keep contained, telling him: 'It always used to make me feel a little good.

I’m like, "Well if Kim feels that way then I’m OK that I feel that way."Kim has dated a laundry list of men over the years, including names as varied as music producer Scott Storch, NFL player Reggie Bush and of course Ray J, who was her partner in the sex tape that launched her to fame.

Best known for her striking dresses and pictures, Kim comprehends what are the correct approaches to set everything right.