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_________________________________ Sharon Jayson, “More college ‘hookups.’ But more virgins, too.”, USA Today, 3/30/2011. And for Christian girls growing up in a highly sexual world, it’s imperative to learn how they tick! That’s why I’ve devoted my life to spreading the idea that sex is worthy of something more than a casual hookup. Read on, because the news today is better…and worse…than when you were a teenager and I have seven secrets that will reduce the risk in the teen girl you love.

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But among college students who aren’t abstaining…well, they’re having a lot of sex. By the time they leave college men will have an average of 9.7 sexual partners and women will have 7.1.

A teen girl needs a decided strategy to reduce the risk. If not by acting out, by the thoughts that we think.

After reading 7 SECRETS, you will have the skills to become happier, healthier, and more satisfied with your life.

During the next few years, you will unfortunately have friends who will get pregnant, become infected with sexually transmitted diseases, and be involved in abusive relationships.

The power of older and wiser friendships is tremendous.