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Non profit organizations provide the majority of free and partially free substance abuse treatment.

Tina Fey Julia Louis-Dreyfus (during flashbacks in "Live Show") Amy Poehler (during flashbacks in "Live from Studio 6H") Michal Antonov (as a preteen in "The Head and the Hair" & "Seinfeld Vision") Alice Richmond (as a preteen in "Mazel Tov, Dummies!

Jack's loyalty to GE and his handsomeness impressed Don Geiss, who transferred Jack to the microwave ovens division.

In high school, Liz believed that she was an unpopular "nerd" that all of her classmates picked on, only to learn two decades later at her 20-year high school reunion that she was, in fact, the universally disliked class bully.

") Marcella Roy (as a preschooler in "Rosemary's Baby" & "Kidnapped by Danger") Carmen Osbahr (Muppet Liz Lemon in "Apollo, Apollo") Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Muppet Liz Lemon in Sesame Street "30 Rocks" sketch)Dick Lemon (father) Margaret Lemon (née Freeman) (mother) Mitch Lemon (brother) "Nana" Lemon (grandmother) Adolf Lemon (grandfather) Dolly Harlan (great-aunt) Linda Lemon (aunt) Harold Lemon (uncle) Grey "The Hair" (third cousin) Randy Lemon (cousin) Eliza Lemon (great-granddaughter) Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon is the main character of the American television series 30 Rock.