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He is the author of Let Judah Go Up First, and the co-author of Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus.

Blizzard is President of Bible Scholars, an Austin-based corporation dedicated to biblical research and education. Blizzard attended Oklahoma Military Academy and has a B. He was a licensed guide in Israel and has directed numerous Historical and Archaeological Study Seminars to Israel, as well as to Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Blizzard hosted over 500 television programs about Israel and Judaism for various television networks and is a frequent television and radio guest.

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MILANO411 readers, say hello to Senor Charly Rodriguez Hernandez.

He is one of the best bodybuilders that we’ve seen come out of Mexico.

In the summer of 1973, he worked on the archaeological excavations at Tel Qasile, where he excavated a Philistine Temple dating from 1200 B. In 1968, 19, he worked on the excavations at the Western Wall, or "Wailing Wall," at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Blizzard has spent much of his time in Israel and the Middle East in study and research.

From 1968 to June 1974, he was an instructor in Hebrew, Biblical History and Biblical Archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin. Blizzard studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, in the summer of 1966.

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    Lynn Redgrave received Oscar nominations for her 1966 star-making turn in Georgy Girl and for Gods And Monsters more than three decades later.

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