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Examples include "Time" and "Don't Let It Show." That mysterious enveloping attraction is present in these songs, too. Every time I hear it on XM or the radio, I have to listen all the way through.I have heard it 10,000 times, but I have to listen all the way.There are other songs that I like, but that I have heard a lot as well, and I often change the station. I was born in 1977 but I grew up listening to my dad's LPs and this song was always my favorite.

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I eventually went to Viet Nam and found the house where my late wife had lived. We spent the rest of the trip together and I will return in October.

I'm rambling but I always associated YOTC with an Asian woman from a country that follows the Chinese calendar.

5'11 160 pounds brown eyes and hair athletic enjoy spending time with my I am a fun loving person.

I first heard of Al Stewart in 1976 or 7 when my Vietnamese girl friend gave me the Year of he Cat album.

I am 3 times her age but I will take care of her and her child.