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Shiri Appleby was born on December 7, 1978, Los Angeles, the United States as Shiri Freda Appleby.She is the daughter of Dina Appleby a Jewish school teacher and Jerry Appleby, a telecommunications executive. She was born to a telecommunications executive and a school teacher.

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They’re raising a child together, and they’re learning to actually be there for each other and be friends, which I think is the basis for any good relationship. And I think we all know that we’re a part of something that we’re really proud of, and that doesn’t happen all the time. We get together every week to watch the show, and we have parties.

So in a way, we’re seeing the beginning stage of who Cate and Baze are as a couple, maybe six or seven years from now, and how they get there. We’re up in Vancouver away from all of our friends and family, so it’s really in all of our best interests to have a real bond and feel like a family so we’re not alone in this foreign country. You’re just going to go sit in your hotel room.” What is cool about it is there are absolutely no other distractions, because we don’t have lives in Vancouver other than our jobs. Wouldn’t it be great to do Liz and Max, 10 years later? The other day, I mentioned to Liz Tigelaar, “Bring Jason Behr on the show! I think it would probably freak Kris [Polaha] out, because maybe I have more chemistry with Jason than I do with him. Life Unexpected has been called a “sleeper hit.” Do you feel like the show will really find its audience this season? I mean, it’s definitely good enough, and the show is much bigger this year. And I just think that they’re really strong characters that you can really identify with, or you can love to hate them.

But it’s really a story about people, and I think it’s nice at the end of the day, to come home and watch people learn to do the right thing and be there for each other.

How do you feel that Cate’s relationship with Lux has changed since the series started?