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Maybe it's the pose as well, but I found that photo very feminine. I googled him to see what the puck bunnies have said about him, and apparently he hooks up with lots of girls and he treats them with no respect. :)I wish there was a thread with hot hockey gossip. There were so many stories about gay sex with NHL players. SC isn't linked to any females around here, even as far as going out to dinner. I wouldn't say Crosby is shy around girls, but he's really respectful, and seems to keep a distance, at least in public. Part of me really wants him to be gay -- since he's the best hockey player in the NHL and is so good-looking -- but I don't want to project too much.Whereas in R65's link, Crosby's ass doesn't look like it jiggles much and doesn't have that exaggerated shape. Isn't it natural for handsome young men to seek the company of attractive, God-fearing girls with whom he won't have sex until the Christian marriage rite has been fulfilled. his ass is not as round (see the lack of "top shelf") as Crosby's, thus making it less attractive to some bubble butt aficionados. It's tough to translate 'joking around' with words. I was hoping for gay rumors, or the "he doesn't have time to date girls". It was one of the hottest threads going on Datalounge. R161, I'm from Pittsburgh and follow the Pens -- and especially Sidney Crosby. I get the sense that he knows how athletes get hit on, but has chosen not to play the game. He is soft-spoken and isn't this commanding, butch presence.

They finished with 98 points, a 10-point improvement over last season.

The attendance Saturday was 20,028, a regular-season franchise home record, excluding the 2012 Winter Classic….

I originally thought people were exaggerating when they talked about how big his ass was. It may be considered less than a perfect bubble, although a big ass nonetheless. I really don't get when people say the younger generation isn't homophobic. Even worse, they use their real name and photo when they are making their bigoted statements. I've seen girls stare at him and practically drool, but he doesn't flirt back and almost seems to pretend it's not even happening. He's yet to have a relationship with a girl, as far as anyone around Pittsburgh knows, and if he had one, it'd be difficult to keep secret.

But after seeing it walk out of the room today at the press conference, I realized it is truly enormous. The NHL needs to develop a more Dieux-du-Stadeian culture. Gay kids really, really need to start fighting back - in violent, scary ways. Sidney Crosby could be straight, bi, or gay, and none of those would really surprise me.

Crosby (nine points) and and Evgeni Malkin (five) combined for 14 points in the four games against the Flyers, while Philadelphia’s big guns — Claude Giroux (four) and Jake Voracek (one) — had just five points against Pittsburgh.