Siwon dating tiffany

With a yelp, Tiffany felt herself falling off the edge of the desk, but had found herself lightly bouncing into a cushion instead of the hardwood floor of his office floor. Tiffany's thoughts were lost once the soft pair of lips pressed on to her neck. “That how I am is exactly who I have been all along? “What are you-” Seeing that proximity of their distance down to that of an inch, Tiffany cupped her hand on to Yoona's neck, keeping her in place. “You of all people should know Yoona.” Tiffany whispered. ” Tiffany brushed her nose along Yoona's neck, taking a deep breath and exhaling against Yoona's collar bone. Tiffany was quick enough to direct them on to her bed, easily settling on top of Yoona as they fell. ” The closeness of her voice brought Tiffany from her trance, giving Yoona enough time to push Tiffany's hand back and remove the other hand that had been around Yoona's slender neck. A sharp pain sunk into the side of Yoona's stomach before she was flipped on to her back. Tiffany clamped a hand on to Yoona's mouth and brought a finger to her lips to silence her. Tiffany backhanded Yoona across the face, busting her lip in the process.

The weight on top of her lightened and soft gentle hands lovingly stroked along Tiffany's arm. The hand playful drawing along the length of Tiffany's arm moved. The woman smiled, stroking the side of Tiffany's face with her free hand. ” Startled, Tiffany sat up, overlooking the sightings of her bedroom. Looking down, Yoona spotted flickering emerald eyes staring up at her with a coy smile in place. The weight shifted and pressed on to Yoona's thighs. With a grunt, Tiffany was kicked to the ground, the sharp attack to her gut leaving her breathless. Dazed, Yoona stared up to the ceiling, only able to make sense of the change of her position and the warm sticky liquid that trickled down her face. “If you say anything I swear I will kill her.” Tiffany threatened. “I'll have to take care of you another time.” A knee sunk into Yoona's stomach and she hit the ground again, coughing and wheezing.

Plush red lips smiled down at Tiffany before reaching forward to kiss Tiffany's cheek. “I was just on the phone with Siwon.” Yoona announced. “Feel me Yoona.” Tiffany begged, letting out a moan. ” Yoona clawed at Tiffany's wrist, desperate for air. ” Letting out one last strangled cry, Yoona stared back at the clenched fist and gripped on to Tiffany's shoulder. A hair away, Yoona was staring at the hand, feeling her skin begin to throb and blister from the radiated heat alone. Flustered, Tiffany looked down at Yoona to see flashing dark indigo eyes stare back at her. Stepping back from the bed, Tiffany admired her handy-work and looked back to Yoona with a smug smirk in place. I would have loved to have you like this if the circumstances were much different.” Tiffany giggled. ” Jessica cried, rushing back over to her backpack. Hyoyeon nodded and quickly scribbled down the number she remembered to a sticky notes on Jessica's desk. “She's definitely not the other girl we've seen.” Hyoyeon nodded. Glancing at the clock it had been two in the morning. Seeing as the noise wasn't going to go away after laying in bed for a mintue, hoping the knocking would stop, Yuri got out of bed. ” Recognizing the voice as she got closer, quickly Yuri undid the locks of the door and swung it open.

Yoona watched Tiffany close her eyes and bite her bottom lip before taking a hold of her hand and placing it on to the back of her neck. ” Tiffany withdrew her hand and while keeping eye-contact with Yoona, brought two fingers to her mouth and slowly lick the tip. ” The hand resting against Yoona's collarbone shifted around her neck. “But, since you know the most about me I unfortunately need to take care of the loose end.” Tiffany's right hand lifted above her head into a fist. “Maybe next time.” Completely defenseless, Yoona watched Tiffany move across her room with rage-filled eyes. “Well, whoever she is she invited you to a club tonight.” Hyoyeon announced, watching Jessica freeze at the door. ” Giving her friends one last look, Jessica ran out the dorm without any explanation. Entering the living room, Yuri can make out the noise of someone's voice behind the door, followed by more knocking. Siwon rushed inside, examining the apartment once inside.

The amount of feelings Jessica had was beyond the level of a crush.