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There are so many raw feelings when dating sober (especially when first getting sober when pretty much all our feelings are raw) about acceptance and rejection and the general “dance” people play when dating and yes, drama!

This naturally occurs more often when partners get physical and it takes away from the focus of why the member is in the 12 Step Program to begin with - to focus on getting and staying sober!

So in my opinion and having been not only involved in this industry for almost ten years but having been the “pioneer” in this industry, that particular site is basically useless to me as a member.

If I live in Boynton Beach, Florida (which I do) and I do a search, I do not want to have to weed through all the profiles of all members living in the state of Florida!

(Keep in mind, the more selective you get the lesser search results you will receive.) On top of that if you are a member of a 12 Step Program you have the ability to search by that program. After all, there are dozens and 12Step has an extensive drop-down list to select from any 12 Step Program you can think of.