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5.3), with the Italian spelling that was to be its predominant form for 400 years.

Spanish dating vocabulary

And finally, some questions can be answered by searching the Internet at large, as a vast, unintentional linguistic corpus.

accent marks (acute for Spanish, grave for Italian), and a few others mix Italian accents with Spanish spelling or vice versa, but most authors omit the accent marks entirely.

Light can be shed on its popularity and various uses by means of searches in online linguistic corpora of Spanish, Italian, and English, designed for the purpose.

In addition, the corpus of the Google Books project includes more than 15 million digitized books in many languages, many of whichespecially the older onescan be accessed and searched online, either in snippets or as whole text.

In the 18th century the Spanish spelling seems to fall out of use, leaving only instances of the Italian form, mostly in the heraldic context.