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Our day tours are designed to give visitors the experience of as many of these sites as possible. Have a photo taken with cuddly koalas and feed a kangaroo, not to mention see all the other forms of local wildlife. Perhaps the image most closely associated with the Blue Mountains is the view of the tree sisters from echo point.

Blue Mountains Day Tour – Itinerary Departing early in the morning, we collect all our guests from various Sydney locations. But there is much more to view, including the waterfalls.

Scenic World contains several great attractions, Including Leura Village- Some of the best panoramic views and historic sites. (The river cruise is not possible on some public holidays) Blue Mountains Day Tour Many Sydney and NSW locals saw the Blue Mountains as one of their school excursions.

Olympic Park- Famous site of the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic games. Rather than repeat the morning bus journey enjoy a cruise to Circular Key, past the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. These early trips tended to concentrate on the two or three biggest sites- The three sisters, a waterfall and maybe a petting zoo.

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