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However, the basics remain the same—you either build from scratch on a new piece of property or you break down whatever is on an existing property and start over.

Delays happen and deadlines come too fast, and sometimes, very unexpected things can put a halt to a building project.

He added that the significance of the discovery is more important than the building project at the moment.

Like a real-life plot twist, builders discovered an ancient ball game court once used by the Maya while building a new basketball court in Yucatan. According to various historic records, rubber balls were used on these ancient game courts and games were played by teams consisting of up to four players.

The Yucatan game court is located at the foot of a large mountain which, according to experts, might suggest that the ball games which took place here were linked to rituals involving the corn god.

It is also believed that the ball used in the games symbolized the Sun, and that the activity during the games symbolized the movement of the Sun.

It was only the second time a sighting of this species has taken place in over 30 years.