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:) Let me help you develop your dating profile and make you more appealing to the ladies!Sign up for my special "Total Transformation" 7-day program and see your live change forever.In this respect it is important for you to commit to approaching women every single day.

Of course, our “Art of the Pickup” guide has been, ahem, legendary (go here).

Now I’d be lying to you if I say that manipulating a woman’s mind is a trivial task.

The best thing is that most techniques on seduction that work actually fairly simple to learn and apply in the real world.

I urge you to find these techniques, study them, and perhaps most importantly test them when you approach women.

(Note: this is also known as value elicitation tactic in the hypnosis and deep persuasion world.) When you have done this already asset to close the eyes, and then use the anchoring techniques which I’m going to show you later in order to make her think that you are the ideal boyfriend she has pictured in her mind.