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The main body of the quilt was created using 12 blocks with 15” sides and then adding a 6” triple border on two sides and a smaller border top and bottom.

This quilt is bound with a 3/8” wool fabric and top tied with blue wool yarn.

Quilted with homespun thread in a herringbone pattern, this early quilt would have served a wonderful purpose keeping people warm in winter. The first stacking is done in three squares measuring 4 1/4 inches, 3 1/4 inches and 2 inches.

The creation of this quilt from start to finish could possibly have taken 2 years. Believe it or not, this abstract folk art textile was created as a rug. Each piece is outlined in a black buttonhole stitch. One is a black 1 7/8 in border followed by a red 1 1/4 border.

19th century wools were created from different weaves, textures, and composition of fibers. This textile is a beautiful piece of art and could easily be the focal point of your room. Woven in the mid 19th century ironically created using colors that are very much today's palate.

This variation in texture creates a wonderful dimensional effect when a wool antique quilt is hug as textile art. Completely hand pieced, created before the sewing machine, each diamond is outline quilted. This intricate overshot coverlet looks to be in hardly used condition.

Fine wools have been used for hundreds of years both as regulators of temperature and as marks of affluence.