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The latest-dated sherds belonged to the Middle Bronze. They noted that in its north-western corner, the tower was not erected on the bedrock, but the walls were established on a thick layer of soil.

The samples were obtained from a thick level of earth fill below the tower.

In Reich's opinion, organic materials could be deposited inside the layers of extramural soil accumulations by floods that were frequent in the Kidron Valley.

According to the biblical narrative, King David who ruled in Jerusalem in the 10 century BCE, established a big and powerful state that spanned over a large area in the Land of Israel, incorporated the twelve tribes, and held in its capacity significant military strength.

David's son, Solomon, became so wealthy and influential regional ruler that even the Pharaoh submitted his daughter for an arranged political marriage with the King, in act which created an alliance between the Egypt and Jerusalem.

These walls were constructed using similar Cyclopean-style stones and were continued uphill toward the summit of the City of David.