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Provisions, consistent with those found below, relating to Conflict of Interest for members of the University of Guelph Faculty Association (“UGFA”) can be found in the UGFA collective agreement.

Employees who are also members of the University’s Board of Governors or employee members of one of its committees are, to the extent that they are acting within their capacity as members of the Board or of one of its committees, subject to the Board of Governors’ “Conflict of Interest Policy”. Preamble This Policy is intended to facilitate Employees’ ability to maintain the highest business and ethical standards, and to facilitate the protection of the integrity of Employees in the course of their job responsibilities.

Guelph has so many support systems and programs in place to really help students succeed.

As for social life, there are so many clubs and ways to become involved that if you make any sort of effort, you can have a great time.

We didn't party and drink every night, but we would go out on Friday or Saturday night to go dancing, or to go to a local pub and have a couple of drinks.