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Also, bear in mind that we’ve selected the following models based on how much value each offers when both pricing and overall display performance specs are balanced against each other.

The following are more premium 4K TVs for the most part (the budget listings can be found further down this page) but their rankings definitely take quality per dollar spent into consideration.

It’s peak brightness is at a level that has never before been seen in OLED 4K TVs and its color space coverage is second to none among all the OLED TV models.

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For a bit of perpsective, Sony’s X940E is the single best LCD 4K HDR TV of 2017, and the X930E is only ranked lower than it because it lacks the same full-array LED backlighting, in all other regards the two are identically good, making this model a real value proposition.

Price: $3,297.99 – $6,597 4.6 – 223 Reviews This is it, Samsung’s absolute best and most powerful 4K HDR LCD TV of 2017.

In addition to this, you get all the best features of previous OLED TVs such as virtually perfect motion handling, literally perfect local dimming and black levels and the perceived improvement of all of these due to this model’s excellent levels of peak brightness.

Best of all, the C7 performs as well as even the priciest of LG’s 2017 4K HDR OLED TVs while costing only about $400 more than its 2016 counterpart the C6.

Getting this much premium quality at what is the cheapest price ever seen for a top-shelf OLED model definitely makes this one a killer for quality home entertainment.