Updating steam hangs

Only “public” Teleporters will see other “public” Teleporters on the minimap (as well as any non-public Teleporters of that player’s Team).

v273.6 – Fixed Character-destruction Inventory Bags to drop at the character’s location if can’t find ground underneath, so that loot items aren’t lost – Fixed Plant Species Y to passively lose HP over 30 mins (as originally intended), made them and all traps not placeable within small range of another trap (as originally intended), made Species Y trap apply piercing damage to victim – Changed Structure encroachment check logic to do a solid trace between encroachment points, prevents getting Sleeping Bags wedged in places they shouldn’t fit – Daedon no longer heals Titanosaur – Fixed a way to get unconscious players under-the-ground – Fixed invisible grapple wall on The Center v273.2 – Optimized spatial partition logic for large-worlds (i.e. v273.11 – Can no longer attach floating structures when on a flying dino platform.

278.1 – Fixed issue where Gigantopithecus were not loading their stats values from previous savegames. – Grinding Tek structures no longer yields Element Shards 278.0 – Revamped Dinos: Procoptodon, Gigantopithecus, Direbear, Direwolf, T-Rex, and many new features and fixes, with full patch note details here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php? – Fixed (we think) characters potentially being lost during Cross-ARK transfer – Fixed Aberration Power Nodes not recharging properly. If you wish to enable this Heavy Turret limit on your own unofficial Server, you can use these values in the Shooter Game Mode section of your Game.ini: b Limit Turrets In Range=true Limit Turrets Range=10000 Limit Turrets Num=100 (Later on, those values will also hard-limit regular Auto Turrets and Plant Turrets) – Doubled Tek Turret Damage v273.86 – Implemented more parallel rendering code, boosting client CPU render performance by ~10% v273.8 – Fixed a key performance issue with Phys X. v273.76 – Fixed an issue with placing structures in Structures and other Mods. v273.74 – Implemented Turret Counter on HUD in preparation for Turret Count Limiting (clamping how many Turrets can be built in an area on servers, to dramatically improve server performance).

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– Slightly decreased Rex’s ability to climb slopes. – Updated Ragnarok with several over-spawn and level-of-detail fixes. 276.0 – Added Ragnarok 99%-complete expansion – Aberrant Megalosaurus now properly lay Aberrant eggs 275.53 – Fixed Zipline collision issue. Added new localization: Ukranian – Fixed Mac/Linux water flickering – Fixed Metal Cliff platform using Stone structure damage settings. – Fixed Cliff Platforms having 12h decay time — now is 12d for Stone and 16d for Metal. – Fixed a bug which allowed climbing dinos to move when encumbered – Removed the wood decal from Plant Z – Reaper Queen now has a particle indicator when ready to choose a host for its offspring (below the health threshhold) – Fixed a case when climbing with the Rock Drake would rotate your vision – Wild Plant Species Z now heals and revitalizes players and their dinos when active (when nearby), and reduced its interval to generate Seeds – Flying fast with glider should now be less rubber-bandy 275.34 – Fixed graphical issue when running with -norhithread (stability mode for certain graphics cards configurations) – Fixed crash when taking Super Resolution screenshots with Ansel 275.33 – Fix for Sarcos spawning in noob pool – Wild non-alpha Reaper Kings no longer grant XP – Platform switch collision is improved to allow you to easily directly climb onto it with an ladder attached to the elevator track – Wood elevator platform weight limit increased – Wood elevator can now be lifted while it’s falling to stop it, and (once client update it posted) you can now repeatedly click the lift command without having to re-open the action wheel – Remaining fix for Mod Class replacements – Postprocessing Error fix – Players who are getting D3D Device Lost Error should try running with “-norhithread” in launch arguments.

– Fixed an issue where the Aberrant Direbear and Aberrant Bigfoot couldn’t be transferred off of Aberration. If that resolves the problem, we’ll be able to implement an automatic fix in next update. – Fixed Linux client crash – Fixed server language crash – Fixed Mod class replacement priority (Dino replacements etc) – Reduced Cavewolf damage by approximately 40% – Increased Wild Basilisk HP by 50% – Increased Wild Reaper King Damages by 300% – Made Aqua Shroom properly restore Water stat – Added Nameless to certain areas of Biolum Chamber where they were missing – Removed Piranhas from starting-area pool – Fixed case where Aberration Endboss sometimes wouldn’t appear on clients, also fixed similar issue with Ragnarok Endbosses.

– Fixed a Pv E bug causing non-allied dinos to rapidly lose their food under specific circumstances – Fixed friendly Raptor pounce dismounting nearby riders – Multiple fixes for Chick Hat placement – Eggcellent Adventure content.

Details on how to turn on (not enabled yet on official servers, TBA): – Multiple mesh/base exploit fixes – Raptor Pack Buff now lasts for 45 seconds – Global Banlist URL has been updated to Fix Raptor Basic Attack audio – Fixed Aberrant trike colourization – Sarco can now hurt target on roll even if it can’t carry it – Fix for crash when equipping empty folder – Updated Argent claw grab back to original weight restrictions – Fixes for forceflee from Parasaur – Fixes for Parasaur not attacking targets when ordered to – Raptor can no longer pounce very small things like insects – Fix for trike getting stuck charging – Players can no longer build in the puzzle cave on Ragnarok – Fixed a bug where Spino Hydration buff would timeout unexpectedly – Pinned target no longer stays down if Raptor is killed – Removed pounces while being carried – Fix for Argent grabbing through walls – Temporarily allowed Ragnarok puzzle cave building to allow players to evacuate the area.

– Opened up transfers for the non-aberrant version of creatures to be transferred onto Aberration.