Validating the cross racial identity scale Sex dgn mak datin

α ≤ .89)‚ preencounter self-hatred (.70 ≤α≤ .88)‚ immersion-emersion anti White(.83 ≤α≤ .90)‚ internalization Afrocentric (.82 ≤α≤ .85)‚ and internalizationmulticulturalist inclusive (.76 ≤α≤ .86). In Ponterotto‚ J‚ G.‚ Casas‚ J‚ M.‚ Suzuki‚ L‚ A.‚ & Alexander‚ C‚ M. (Vandiver et al 2002; Worrell et al‚ 2006)Cross Jr‚ W. (Eds)‚ Handbook of Multicultural Counseling (2nd ed.).

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Class: 3 Lab: 0 Credit: 3 Class: 2 Lab: 3 Credit: 3 Class: 3 Lab: 0 Credit: 3 Class: 3 Lab: 0 Credit: 3 AD 10500 Design I Class: 0 Lab: 6 Credit: 3 Two-dimensional design fundamentals: concepts and processes Studio problems are used to introduce design concepts vocabulary, and skills applicable to continued study in a variety of visual disciplines.

Includes introduction to a variety of two-dimensional media and computer applications.

Class: 0 Lab: 6 Credit: 3 A course designed to include continuation of translation of concept into form with emphasis on corporate visual identity system.

Prereqs: AD 32800 with min grade of C AD 39200 Special Topics in Art Class: 1-3 Lab: Credit: 1-3 Attributes: Variable Title Topics will vary.

This exposure to the basic art program should provide a stimulating, enrichment art program for the classroom.