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Most financial institutions are catering to the younger generations by simply offering Google-like work spaces; whereas, Green Bank has focused on emphasizing practical knowledge and an opportunity to change the banking industry.

In appreciation for Lewis' commitment to volunteering, he was awarded a gift card to the employee clothing store, a gift card to Vic & Anthony's and two tickets for a Rockets game. Plano North Metroplex The Links, Incorporated and Green Bank, N. will host a financial literacy summit at Collin College of Mc Kinney January 27, 2018.

The event will provide opportunities for students, parents and entrepreneurs to learn more about their finances.

“Green Bank has been very active in financial education for the community through our relationship with Junior Achievement and The Links,” said Mark Warren Dallas market president at Green Bank.

“When presented with the opportunity to take the experience and results to a family level, we embraced the opportunity and our employees stepped forward to lead it and volunteered to make it happen.

“After gaining a better understanding of the credit world, I could see myself wanting a new challenge and be in a more client-facing role.” “If the future of banking can be foreseen through Macey’s work ethic, then the continued success of our industry is assured,” said Cecil Arnim, Green Bank senior vice president of commercial banking.