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It’s part of what makes the 55-year-old Danish-American star an old-fashioned sort of movie idol.He’s cut from the same chiselled, masculine material as Robert Mitchum, with whom he shares a dimpled chin and a taste for complex heroes.“Anybody who says they knew it was going to be the success it was, I don’t think it’s really true,” he says.

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I was supposed to be handing him tools and he'd say 'Hand me a whatever,' and I didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

He probably built most of that barn himself.' Viggo Mortensen on working with Harrison Ford in Witness The Hot New 39-Year-Old by Dennis Hensley Movieline magazine, 1998 Watching Witness the other day I was reminded again of Viggo Mortensen's immediate star power.

And if attention isn't paid, then you're going to have trouble.

Ariadna Gil is currently married to David Trueba and is currently dating Viggo Mortensen.

But while the actor concedes that Ben hewed closer to his own persona than a lot of his previous work, it's not as close as people might think. Mortensen's Ben can be a warm, loving dad, but he's also a tyrant, a zealot. "Which is inevitable, because there's no such thing as a perfect father, a perfect person.

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